Single Event


Customise your event by registering a subdomain

Then design your site using templates for a quick start, or tailor your site to be consistent with your branding.

Create an engaging in-depth site with multiple pages, photos and videos, or speaker notes.


Build momentum around your event when you take your event live, with our easy to use technology. Send invitations, teaser and automatic thank you emails to increase your event’s chance of success.

We’ve even integrated numerous reports to help you measure the impact and reach of your event marketing.

Data collecting

Your event is about you and your attendees, so RSVP Engine gives you the tools to offer them what they need. Enable your attendees to sign up for different tracks within your multi-sessions events, and enter their own personal information.

Using a venue already on our system? Sync with their site, accessing menus and event information from their site to save you time. And being synched means the information gets sent straight to their account for up to date information on your event.

By simplifying the data collecting process, your staff can become more productive, using the information for their event planning or marketing needs from one database.

With the information stored in the cloud, manage your events anytime, anywhere.

Corporate Account

Use RSVP Engine to save time with recurring events.

Upgrade to the multiple event plan to duplicate existing or past events, and update details in minutes.

Not only will you have all the benefits of the single event, from personalisation, data collection and event marketing, you’ll be able to go beyond and have real understanding of your audiences actions.

Guest Management

Personalise even more by adding notes on particular attendees. You’ll be alerted the moment they register or decline an event, allowing you to follow up with an email or phone call.

Gain insight into your attendees decisions by comparing the results of your multiple events. With multiple events, all event information will be collected into your database to use as you require. You’ll know which events they’ve attended and declined, allowing your staff to cater the information to their interests and needs.

Venue Account

Our package looks after venues from start to finish.

Within their personalised RSVP Engine site, suite box and courtside box owners can log in to place orders for the event, whether it’s the Rolling Stones concert or international sports events.

These orders, whether it’s selecting from a preset menu, requesting important dietary requirements, requiring extra staff or merchandise selections, are linked directly to the venue’s POS system.

An order is placed, the data refreshed, and the Event Order ready to be created at a click of a button when final quantities are set. This same data can then be sent to back of house, labels printed with names, dietary requirements and suite details.

We help you increase your customer service success by narrowing the chance of mistakes.

If you’re a hotel or convention centre, we’ve created a customised service for your smaller meeting rooms, streamlining the often time consuming booking process.

Present multiple pages for multiple rooms and let the client make the selection of sessions, breaks and menus. When the client hits enter, the system uploads all the selections, sending it through to existing function booking software, ready to create the Event Order.

Have a client who needs their own branded event on RSVP Engine? You can offer a single event site, enabling them to sync with your venue information. As they update, that data can be sent back through to your own system.

Sounds simple? We’ve done all the hard work so it is. Let’s get you started!

Let's get started!

How do our plans stack up?

  Single Event Corporate Venues
Easy to create Event Pages
Event Page Templates  
Multiple Event Page Websites  
Personalised to your Brand
Multiple Event Email campaigns  
Guest Data Management
Duplicate Existing Events as a base for a new Event  
Link to Existing Event Management Packages    
Manage Dietary Concerns
Manage Catering Requirements    
Managing Small Venue Bookings    
Custom Packges Available

Package Cost €1,500 €1,200 €1,800
  one off cost Monthly Fee Monthly Fee


Creating custom links to a venues Event Management Packages, such as Delphi / EBMS requires a custom API as each venues set-up will be different.

Requires customising to your venues requirements.