The Legal
and Financial stuff

At RSVP-Engine we take data safety and security very seriously and are committed to implementing best practice when it comes to security systems, our team works hard to ensure that users privacy and security is maintained at all times.

Before we start with all the legal mumbo jumbo and any dealing with the lawyers, you need to know that we want you to feel confident in using our site and we respect that yours and your client’s information is very sensitive. We have gone to great lengths to ensure this remains so. We do not share, sell or trade your information to any third parties with out your approval; this is all covered in our Privacy Policy. Spam drives us mad so we have no intention of you getting anymore due to us.

With regards to financial transactions, we work very closely with our bank to ensure that the process is as smooth as it possibly could be. Should you have any issue with the process, please contact us on All credit card transactions are done in a secure environment, covered in our Privacy Policy.

We value your relationship with us and as such will keep you up to date with new developments, should you feel we could improve or offering by adding new elements please let us know.

Please see the links below for further legal information.