A full understanding of the event industry is what makes RSVP Engine so unique. Frustrated with the clunkiness of the event management process, an event professional in 2009 set out to design a comprehensive streamlined site. Its aim? To merge the entire event process from bookings to registration to catering, regardless of the complexity.

Every step within the process has been thought through. It streamlines, it personalises and increases the chance of event success.

But a thought is only achievable with the correct team around you. So other international event professionals, and cream of the crop software engineers and designers were brought on board to bring you the only fully integrated event site on the web.

Event Professionals

Experience with events and the industry is what makes RSVP Engine successful.

With a belief that complex tasks could be simplified, our event professionals have thought through your event process to bring you the ultimate tool.

Top-notch programmers

Imagine being able to integrate registration software with your event process, where clients could select what they wanted. Synched with the vendor’s POS system, information can be sent through to event booking software, all ready to create an Event Order.

RSVP Engine has been built by our programmers to do that and a whole lot more.

World-class designers

RSVP Engine was created for you, so it made sense to bring on board world-class designers, to give you the best user friendly experience.

The site has been designed to look sleek, reflecting our streamlined software, and gives you the ability to be personalised to your needs.