RSVP Engine takes your single event just as seriously as we do the venues or multiple events.

Giving you a wide range of tools to personalise, you can build your event to be as dynamic as you need.


Run multiple events?
This is the plan for you.

Streamline the event process by duplicating existing or past events, and gain insight into your audience.


Join the ranks of international venues who are using RSVP Engine’s fully integrated package to streamline their event services, providing their clients with a smoother customer service experience.

Getting your event started

Instantly customise your event by registering your sub-domain, before moving on to select one of the design templates we’ve put right at your fingertips.

You or your team can use these pages as is, or use them as a starting point for customising to your needs. Add extra pages, pictures or videos - the options are endless. However our templates are perfect for when you need to launch these pages in a hurry, or don’t have adequate resources to develop a custom page.

Core Features

RSVP-Engine's registration solution offers you a functional yet user-friendly interface. Some of the many features include customising a registration process for your audience, utilising your staff more efficiently and increasing response rates.

Want to explore more of RSVP-Engine’s features?

  • Increase response rates
  • Utilise staff energy more efficiently
  • Offer choices to your attendees

6 reasons why you should put
your event registration online


Easy registration for both you and your attendees.

Save Time

There’s no more processing registrations manually. Staff can cut down on sending repetitive emails and spend time on the strategic elements of your event.

Save Money

It all adds up, so use your staffing costs more efficiently, We help you remove continuous email response sorting, manually updating spreadsheets and printing and postage costs. And while we’re at it, we reduce the time spent confirming guest details and working on website development.


Look reputable as an organisation by staying up to date with technology.


Use professional event registration designs to ensure uniform corporate branding. Only send your branding to your guests.

Easy online marketing

Measure the impact and reach of your event marketing, and increase your chances of higher attendance rates. Target your attendees with compiled data on individual preferences

Ready for a more efficient event registration process?
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